At Your Feet - Hillsong London lyrics and video

Stunning beauty of the music interpreted by Hillsong London. How to characterize the simplest songs, the impressive lightness, and of course the message it conveys.

The love of God can help our lives, in turn, change our interior, making us into better people. Check below At Your Feet lyric:

I bow my head unto You again
Seated at Your feet
Let unfailing love wash over me
Set my path lift my eyes

To seek my Savior
Fill my life with the love of Christ
Mercy of the Savior
Has changed my life
Now I stand here right upon salvation

Such grace revealed in my careless way
Humbled by Your love
Let Your faithfulness sing over me
Stir this heart oh Lord

My Jesus I fall at Your feet
And surrender all that is me
To see my Savior

To glorify my Savior.

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